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 What all slang means in internet games! (EX. ROFL!)

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PostSubject: What all slang means in internet games! (EX. ROFL!)   Wed Feb 25, 2009 7:57 pm

stfu = Shut the f**k up!

Rolling on floor laughing!

wtf =
What the f**k?

wth =
What the heck (or hell)?

n00b =

balkx =
Ball Su*k*r!

pwn =
Player Owned!

own =

-age =
A Double skilled word after PWN or OWN. (EX. Pwnage!)

dfs =

lol =
Laugh out loud!

lool =
Laugh out overally loud!

lawl =
Laugh at whose laughing!

laawwl =
Laughing at a person who was laughing!

ks =
Kill Steal.

sob =
Son of a b1t*h.

lmao =
Laugh my ass off!

lmfao =
Laugh my f**king ass off!
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What all slang means in internet games! (EX. ROFL!)
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