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 My Average Day Life...

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PostSubject: My Average Day Life...   Sun Feb 22, 2009 2:11 am

What i like to do: Snowboard, skateboard, skate, dance, hip-hop, break dance, play, play games, make movies, hang with my friends.
My Favourite Music: Numb, in the end, grow up, pretty fly (for a white guy), diary of jane.
My Favourite Food: Indonesia Fried Noodles and all the fast food Razz!
Name: Ronan Justin Version Verho/ Josiah Zachary Ho
Age: 10 bounce !
My Swear Words in School: Fuck, Screw you, tornillo usted (Spanish for Screw you), cogida usted (Spanish for Fuck you), Wtf?, Stfu, cock...Razz.
What i want to get and be: Rich and famous, a rockstar, 1 millions dollars, a mansion!
Lol i will make Part 2...
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My Average Day Life...
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