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 In Game Rules [MUST READ]

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PostSubject: In Game Rules [MUST READ]   In Game Rules [MUST READ] Icon_minitimeSun Feb 08, 2009 6:48 pm

There has to be rule in game because as you know our community is growing and it has gotten wild after a little bit.

GM Rules:


-Do not host an event unless agreed by other GMs

-Do not spam summon monsters

-Do NOT train players for FREE

-Do not jail or ban players for fun

-Do not abuses GM powers

Player Rules:

-Do not hack in the channels not made for hacking

-Do not ask a GM for free stuff

-Do not impersonate a GM

-Do not flame a GM

-Do not advertise other servers

-Do not lie to a GM

-Do not use @callgm unless there is a real problem

Read these rules carefully or you might end up jailed or banned.
GM's will be monitoring you 24/7 and there will be a GM online at all times unless there is a meeting for a situation.

WarpMS Staff~
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In Game Rules [MUST READ]
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