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PostSubject: GM Application   GM Application Icon_minitimeFri Feb 06, 2009 10:43 pm

Name: Jeremy

Age: 14 Do not be shocked by my young age.. I know alot.

IGN: Jeremy

Experience: I can code on C++ Know most fixes to problem and which updates to add that may help the server or increase usibility in gameplay. If you've played FinalStory or SydneyMS also ArberMS you should know who I am. I'm a developer well-known on those servers. I've been searching for a new server to help because the big ones are too much work as the number of players every hour ranges from 655-780.

If so on which server:
SprungMS (Shinobi)
KeoxMS co-admin
GFX Team-MapleRadio. ( I have a MIC too ) SprungMS co-owner. KeoxMS co-admin. Old ArberMS developer and testing SnorgieMS owner.

Why you want to be GM: Because I love to help others and loves music as you can see, I always add jukeboxes on the servers I develop on. I really want to help those new servers out there since the votes on xtremetop have reset and theres a surefire chance for you to get up on the rankings.

What will you do for server: I can add many features, help others with problems, and host fun events as well as go to the top of my abilities to help this server and those who are inhabiting it.

Why should we choose you over the other applications: The other applications only show what they know about the in-game commands themself. I can easliy google those, but I know about MySQL, Java and C++. I've had alot of experience and is good in graphics as well as video making. So I can advertise very well. Here is a link to my youtube channel. My videos seem to be OK I guess except the We Belong Together MMV. Its nib, but everything else is ok.
I hope I didn't waste any of your time reading this. I'll be off to help those other servers that need a little jumpstart.
With Regards ~Jeremy
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GM Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: GM Application   GM Application Icon_minitimeFri Feb 06, 2009 10:44 pm

Sorry Forgot to login before posting this!
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GM Application
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