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 [GM Application] By Suki♥

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PostSubject: [GM Application] By Suki♥   [GM Application] By Suki♥ Icon_minitimeWed Feb 04, 2009 5:09 pm

Post by Suki Today at 4:09 pm
[GM Application] By Suki♥️

Hai, I would like to applied as a gm in WarpMS, and here is my application below... Enjoy!!


Name: Rachel

Age: 14

IGN: Suki

Experience: Been on a lot servers, pretty experienced.

If so on which server: KoolzMS,GreenTeaMS, DevonStory,NoodleStory,BunnieMS, LilyPadMS

Why you want to be GM: Because i just lovebeing as a gm! I love doing events sometimes I would even create some new events for ppl!
What will you do for server: I would find bugs, ban hackers, do fun events, bothering people (in a nice way~), make ads movies...so on!

Why should we choose you over the other applications: Because i think that i'm friendly, and experienced.If anyone need my help, I would use all my knowledge and do my best on it =)

Thanks so much for readying my application, hope that you really think about me as a gm ^^


[GM Application] By Suki♥ Yhisfzple2yu9rt4vrs8
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PostSubject: Re: [GM Application] By Suki♥   [GM Application] By Suki♥ Icon_minitimeMon Feb 09, 2009 7:35 pm

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[GM Application] By Suki♥
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